Precious Moments

Precious Moments

by Dennis Trujillo

I’m amazed that people have so much trouble
Identifying the most precious moments of their
Lives. When asked they are apt to say:
My wedding day, The day my child was born,
Or, The day I graduated from cosmetology college.

But these aren’t precious moments–
They are memorable, to be sure–but they
Are also moments of future trepidation.

For me, naming the three most precious
Moments of my life is as easy as eating apple
Pie a la mode at a comfortable table next
To the window while snow is lightly falling.

Most precious–undoubtedly–was when,
As a fifth grade schoolboy, I came home one
Day and could smell mom’s banana bread
Before I even opened the door. Second
Was definitely a day this past April
(I think it was April 5) when for the first
Time this year it was warm enough to run
Without wearing heavy winter sweats.

See how easy that was–no need to focus
on momentous past events
As if taking a high school history exam.

Oh, and the third–it occurred just this morning:
While drinking tea I had the idea for this poem

Author’s Comment: I really was having my morning tea when this poem announced itself to me. It deals with the common motif of finding joy in the simple pleasures of life, but I wanted to relate the concept with a bit of humor and surprise. I hope the poem works for you.

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