The Party’s Over

The Party’s Over

by Carole Richard Thompson

The mountains wait, stone silent,
for Fall to go about her business
and depart with some dignity.

The hills grow weary of the gaudy
season’s riot, and wait for Winter’s
housekeeping to blow rattling
crumbs of faded leaves
down to valleys below.

As beauty longs to remove
makeup, retreat from admiration,
the mountains yearn to pull up
snowy blankets and sleep
a dreamless Winter, having set
the relentless alarm clock of Spring.

Author’s Comment: I think of the mountains as very old living things. Thousands of changing seasons only affect what grows on them, not the mountains themselves. It seems that by the end of Fall every year they are quite ready to return to their natural state and, have a long winter’s nap.

8 thoughts on “The Party’s Over

    • Being one that loves the mountains, especially in the fall, I enjoyed “The Party’s Over”. It brought back good memories of our traveling days.

      Very good Carole

      Your friend and classmate,


      • Leroy, just make up your mind to bring Mary Jane up here next Spring, and Norm and I will take you all around. So glad you enjoyed “The Party’s Over”. It really is the way I feel about the mountains in the Fall. Take care and heal. All the best, my chum. Carole

    • Thank you so much, dearest Beverly. I do so love the gentle mountains here. Now that the leaves have fallen away, I can see through the woods to the mountains surrounding our little town, and I feel totally secure. Love you. Carole

    • The mountains and I turn inward during winter. I quilt and cook and think of those I cherish. You are among those, by the way. Glad you enjoyed my poem. If I can get a few more published, I hope to put them into my first little collection and try to get it published. Time is going by mighty fast these days. It all takes a long time. Bless you, Cuz. Carole

  1. You paint such a vivid picture, Carole. This poem makes me want to come see Fall and then, again, the well deserved Spring after Winter. Miss you, Kay

    • Thank you for your nice comments. I remember visiting you when you were spending a lovely time in Highlands. Miss you, too, and I promise we will get together somehow in the next few months. St Simons beckons, also. Try commenting again on “36 Hours”. It should work. Love you, Carole

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