by Cecily Wells

He kneels,
plucks the Oxeye
Daisy, tucks it
behind her ear.
They hike along
holding hands
until the path
She drops back,
admires his sinewy legs;
smiles as he names
warns of dangers.
At the top of the falls
spray cools and refreshes.
He guides her
onto the ledge,
his hand warm
on her waist.
She turns
to kiss him,
but he is gone,
his scream, if
there was one,
drowned in
the roar of

Author’s Comments: The hike up Triple Falls in DuPont State Forest provides wonderful photo opportunities. I love the serene beauty of the area in all seasons, but am continually amazed by the number of people who ignore the warnings about swimming in the waters around and under the falls. Every year someone dies or is severely injured by underestimating the power of water. In my poem I found it interesting to contemplate the ying and yang of the falls.
Bio: Cecily Hamlin Wells has published poems and short fiction in Long Story Short, MoonShine Review and in several anthologies including Echoes Across the Blue Ridge. Additionally, she received Honorable Mention for her two entries in the 76th Writer’s Digest Writing Competition and for her two entries in the Writer’s Digest 5th Annual Poetry Competition.

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