I Turn the Other Cheek, by Corrigan Klein

Corrigan Klein

I’m leaving my body to religion. We’ve had our differences,
but I forgive you.

I leave my kidneys to George Rekers. May they filter
fear and intolerance and the inner conflict from your veins.
May they leave you free of disdain for the rent boy
who escorted you to Europe and massaged you every day.

I leave my liver to Newt Gingrich. You cut your gay
half-sister from your life. I give you a second chance
with a gay liver.

I leave my eyes to University of Utah Medical Center. May they
go to a Mormon man whose money denied gays the right
to marry in California. May your new eyes focus like lasers
on the hottest guy as you enter a room. May you enjoy
whatever lifestyle you choose to live with your new vision.

Let my heart go to a soul of United Church of Christ
or Society of Friends. May you exercise your new organ
as robustly as you did the original.

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