Summer 2013


I am very excited to bring you the twenty-sixth issue of Wild Goose Poetry Review.

29 poems from 17 poets and 9 reviews from 6 reviewers.

This issue begins with selections from wonderful new manuscripts (yes, I got to read them all the way through and you all have something to look forward to) by Phebe Davidson and Tim Peeler. Then it continues with multiple selections from familiar poets Al Ortolani and Larry Schug and Wild Goose first-timer, Jim Zola. The other poets are a mix of familiar — Glenda Beall, Helen Losse, Karen Douglass, among others — and new — Staci Bell and Larry Thomas. All of it is high quality poetry that I am very proud to feature here.

I am also very proud of the reviews and thankful to the reviewers. Each of the books reviewed are significant contributions to the poetry community, and I hope that the reviews here will help readers find and appreciate them.

Please help others find Wild Goose Poetry Review by posting links on your social media or in personal emails to those you know will or think should read and enjoy or grow from it. And, as always, I hope you will take the time to leave a few comments on the poem. I know the poets enjoy those, and we all enjoy listening in on the dialogue about poetry.

I will be reading for the fall issue until the first of November.

Phebe Davidson, What the Archangel Gains from His Employ
Phebe Davidson, Azrael at His Ease
Phebe Davidson, Articles of Faith
Phebe Davidson, Common Knowledge
Tim Peeler, Larry’s Cosmic Epiphany
Tim Peeler, Larry’s Anecdotal Evidence 89
Tim Peeler, Larry’s Poems of Place
Al Ortolani, Altar Bells
Al Ortolani, Stigmata
Larry Schug, Untitled
Larry Schug, The Lights Go Out During the Super Bowl
Larry Schug, In Light Of
Larry Schug, A Place Called Ghost Ranch
Jim Zola, Blues
Jim Zola, The Revolt of the Landscape Crew
Maren O. Mitchell, To Care or Not
Glenda Beall, Therein Lies the Difference
Staci Lynn Bell, Escape
Melissa Hager, Who Says You’re a Lady
Patricia Deaton, Considering High Places
Patricia Deaton, Donation
Akacia Robinson, How to Deal
Kelly DeMaegd, From Anything Lost, Something Remains
Helen Losse, Greater Than Any Ring
Barbara Gabriel, Message to a Waitress’s Daughter
Karen Douglass, The Great Poet Comes to Our Town
Larry Thomas, Another Blase Monday
Larry Thomas, Faulkner
Lucy Cole Gratton, Black Hole

Scott Owens, Review of Michael Diebert’s “Life Outside the Set”
Helen Losse, Review of Collin Kelley’s “Render”
Brenda Smith, Review of Hilda Downer’s “Sky Under the Roof”
Nancy Posey, Review of Malaika King Albrecht’s “What the Trapeze Artist Trusts”
Patricia Deaton, Review of Carol Matos’ “The Hush Before the Animals Attack”
Betty O’Hearn, Review of Robert S. King’s “One Man’s Profit”
Scott Owens, Review of Maren O. Mitchell’s “Beat Chronic Pain”
Nancy Posey, Review of Jo Barbara Taylor’s “Cameo Roles”
Scott Owens, Review of Carole Richard Thompson’s “Enough”

3 thoughts on “Summer 2013

  1. Scott, I hope I am not prejudiced, since I have work here, but I find your selection of poems in this issue to be the best I have read of Wild Goose Poetry Review. The more I read and reread, the more I am convinced. Thank you.

    • Although there are other issues, the previous one for example, that I also feel are remarkably strong throughout, I can’t entirely disagree with you, Maren. I feel very fortunate to be able to include Phebe, Tim, and Al’s new persona poems and look forward to those manuscripts being published so I can see the whole set. Larry’s poems seem so effortless that I think he has truly hit his stride for a while with this particular tone and perspective. And I love the complexity and subtlety of Jim’s as well. Then, of course, there are very strong individual poems from a number of familiar faces, yours, Glenda’s, Kelly’s, Patricia’s (familiar to me at least), Helen’s, Barbara’s, Karen’s, and many more. And the reviews are thorough and thought-provoking. And it’s very nice to have reviews from a variety of perspectives. I’m glad I’m not writing them all anymore.

  2. Sorry not to have gotten tot his sooner (impending house move, ailing geriatric cat) but here I am now, just to say how much I love Wild Goose. It is an enlivening thing every time, and it seems to me it just gets better and better as it goes.

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