Declarations, by Ronald Moran

Ronald Moran

So, if I want to declare something, a new trick
for me,
should I use Facebook or Twitter or should I try
to write
yet another poem, this time with more insistent
than I am used to, and with end-stopped lines,

here and there, with different characters, as in
a dash,
question mark, exclamation point, period, and,
a question mark, since almost all of the texts
on how
to write a poem discourage use of questions,
as if,

well, how can readers give a proper feedback?
what is sacred about a line being end-stopped,
as in
I hear the honking of a flock of Canadian geese.
Must they be lost because they honk? O, Yes.
I must stop

declaring, and why do I say, if I wanted to declare,
that is the province of those more confident, like
the young,
and why should I declare anyway, being neither
nor prophet, nor talk show host, nor Cable TV

6 thoughts on “Declarations, by Ronald Moran

  1. Nobody asked me, but I do think to elicit reactions to your poems has to be one of the most pleasurable things about having them published. That tinge of green on my face is envy.

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