Brenda Kay Ledford, Ambidextrous

Brenda Kay Ledford

Even at six,
I knew I was
meant to be left-handed.

When Miss Mayme Moses
turned her back
to help other students

in the first grade,
I held my pencil
in the left hand.

Minutes ticked like hours
on the classroom clock,
the teacher caught me

and slapped the defiant hand.
I hid my talent,
colored with a chastised fist.

Bio: Brenda Kay Ledford is a seventh generational native of Clay County, NC. The beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains inspire her writing. Her work has appeared in 30 Old Mountain Press anthologies, and many journals. Finishing Line Press published her three poetry chapbooks, Aldrich Press published her poetry book that won the 2015 Paul Green Award. She is a retired educator, storyteller, poet and enjoys playing the piano and harmonica. She wants to play spoons.

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